With many years of experience and a dedicated fleet of aircraft suitable for FIFO (Fly in Fly out) operations, GAMair provide reliable passenger transfer and freight services to the Australian resources, shipping and remote construction industries with a safety first philosophy.

We understand that getting your greatest assets onsite in a safe, timely and efficient manner is paramount to your operations and we make that our business. As an independently audited company, we manage every aspect of our services to the highest standards and take pride in the complete experience provided to our clients.

Brisbane (FIFO Base)

  • Dedicated fleet of Dornier 228 aircraft (328 joining GAM air fleet in 2015)
  • Audited to OGP aircraft management guidelines
  • Skilled multi-crew operations
  • Short field take-off and landing capabilities suited to remote regional airports
  • Large well equipped passenger lounge
  • Specially trained on-site travel coordinators
  • Online booking system customisable to client requirements