Aerial Work

With a large fleet of aircraft with high winged design perfect for un-obstructed views, bubble windows (for enhanced field of view), air-conditioning for passenger comfort at low levels and custom seating configurations available, GAMair will get you above where you need to be.

Types of Aerial Work:

  • Marine Survey (whales, tuna, prawns etc)
  • Fire and flood relief
  • Fire spotting
  • Search and rescue
  • Sight-seeing tours
  • Cloud seeding
  • Parachuting

Dornier 228

  • Every seat has a window

Shrike Commander

  • Floor modified for camera installation
  • Portable oxygen available for flying at high altitudes
  • Ability to carry additional fuel tanks & generator for extended camera operations

Find out more about our aerial work capability by calling us on 1300 074 811 or via our contact page

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